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Gable Attic Fan Benefits

A gable attic fan can save you money all summer – and help protect your home all winter. Heat buildup in your attic can really rack up those air conditioning bills in the summer. That heat doesn’t just stay in your attic, it gets sucked down your walls and heats your whole home. Attic insulation can help, but the simplest and most cost-effective solution is a gable attic fan.

These simple devices come with a variety of options and you can get them with a built-in thermostat or even solar power so you don’t need to hook up any electricity. How cool is that? The kind that have a built in thermostat are perfect for venting in both summer and winter, since they can help to keep the temperature you set and will stop automatically when the temperature changes.

A gable attic fan is a great way to protect your home from mold damage and rot as well. The moisture that naturally builds up in your home as you cook do laundry, shower and generally live in the home can seep into the attic. In the winter, when the attic is cold, that moisture condenses on surfaces. The wood in your rafters, walls and other parts of your attic then absorb that wood. This can lead to rot and mold problems.

When a gable vent fan is used to vent that moisture, it helps to restore balance. Bringing in dry outdoor air and exhausting moist, warm air can help protect your home from moisture.

As you can see, a gable attic fan can really save you money.

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