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Compost Tumblers and Bins

A compost tumbler can make your life a whole lot easier in the garden. It is widely known that compost is like black gold for your plants. Plants that have rich compost added to the soil are healthier and better able to resist disease. Compost is like a well-balanced meal just for your plants. They get the full range of nutrients and minerals that will sustain healthy growth. Compost helps to build the soil and increases the ability of the soil to maintain a good moisture level. As you can see, this is pretty great stuff. The best part is, compost is free if you have a good way of making it quickly.

Sure, you can pile up your garden scraps and food waste and they will eventually rot into usable fertilizer. But for serious gardeners that process is too slow and won’t supply enough compost for their needs. This is where compost tumblers and bins become a must-have item for the garden. For those who are looking for the easiest way to garden, a compost tumbler is a vital tool.

Using a compost tumbler can reduce the time for making compost from several months to just a few weeks. Simply add all of your yard waste, plant trimmings (skip those that show signs of disease) and kitchen scraps (no meat or dairy!). Then turn the compost tumbler once a week or so to help aerate the pile and give bacteria a chance to do their job. You can accelerate the process with a compost booster that contains the right mix of bacteria and nutrients, but this is completely optional.

Click to learn more about compost tumblers and bins.

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