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Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker

This is the time of year when smoking meats is more popular than ever. Traditionally used as a means to preserve meat before refrigerators were availablle, smoking brings a rich flavor to any meat. The Smokey Mountain Cooker smoker is the most popular smoker on the market. It is moderately priced and available in 2 sizes to make it simple to get the right size for your needs.

This is an easy to use smoker, with lots of capacity. The larger model will easily cook and smoke a whole turkey. Imagine the delight at finding a delicious smoked turkey on your Thanksgiviing table! The beauty of the Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker is that it is designed to slow cook meats while instilling them with a delicious smoky flavor. No ordinary barbecue will do this as well as the Smokey Mountain. Of course, if you prefer you can also try the Bradley Electric Smoker for a cleaner option that runs on electricity instead of charcoal.

Purists will tell you that the best smokey flavor comes from a real charcoal smoker. For best results, use chemical-free charcoal so your food will have the best flavor possible. You can cook several foods on various levels of the smoker to conserve enerfy and effort. Once the smoker is hot, you might as well use every inch of rack space for the best meats around.

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