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Cloth Diaper Reviews

Cloth diapers have become popular again – and with that popularity have come hundreds of new cloth diapers on the market. How can you know which diapers work and which ones are more hassle than they are worth? Cloth diaper reviews can help you sort through the confusion – but not all reviews are created equal. Many moms review cloth diapers on their blogs now. Are those reviews honest? Does the reviewer have much experience with cloth diapers so they have something to compare the new diaper to? Is the reviewer afraid of upsetting the person who just sent them a free diaper? Sometimes it is hard to know. is one site you can trust for honest reviews. Most of the reviews are written about diapers I purchase for review. This allows me to be more objective. We have tested over 100 styles and brands. The ones we like, I sell in my store. While I do profit from the brands I carry, I have no incentive to promote diapers that are inferior in any way. After all, I don’t want customers coming back to me to complain that I promoted something inferior. With so much experience testing diapers I know what to look for in a good diaper and how to put a diaper through it’s paces. I am also not afraid to write a bad review if there is a problem with the diaper.

There are other good review sites out there, but be sure to look at the overall site before believing a review. I recently had a customer tell me that I “should” carry a brand they had read good reviews about. Turns out, this is a brand I have heard really bad things about from other retailers who have tested them. If these experienced users thought the diapers were inferior, how does this explain the good reviews? It could be that the reviewers had little to compare them to – or it could be that they did not want to write a bad review.

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