Finding Quality PLR Content

For those of us who make a living online, content is king. We need it for web sites, blogs, ebooks, videos and a hundred other places. Most of what I create is written by me, but from time to time I...

My Recommended Resources


I post a lot of stuff and a lot of links. Many links are to sites I own and I plan to sweet talk you into buying all my products. Many links are to sites that pay me a commission on sales. Some sites, I post just because I think they are useful. I try to remember that I am supposed to tell you which are which.

Please assume that I am trying to get totally rich off this site. Assuming that I am selling you something every time I open my mouth makes the FTC happy. That is the Federal Trade Commission for those who don’t hang out soaking up government regulations all day. They have concluded that you, as a consumer, can’t tell the difference between money sites and touchy-feely scrapbooking sites, so now they expect us to tell you every time we are trying to get your money. Just assume I am after money when I open my mouth, er, tap on my keyboard. That makes it simple for both of us.

I also feel the need to fully disclose that I am addicted to juggling cats, but the jagged scars and the eye patch pretty much tell that story for me.

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